Monday, February 13, 2012

Hand Printed Fabric LOVE

Prepare yourself for some major Eye Candy!

Since I am a little ;) obsessed with hand printed fabric right now, I thought that I would share some of my favorite fabrics and designers that create them.

** Also I don't want to take credit for this gorgeous inspiration so if you pin, PLEASE go to the link at the bottom of the picture.  THANKS!

First up Galbraith and Paul are fabric designers based in Philadelphia that print their own fabric, wallpaper, rugs, paper and more.  I love to look through their textiles and installations and get inspired by all the beauty!!  Their products have been featured in many magazines including House Beautiful, BH&G, and Domino. These are some of my favorites!!

And for some awesome Galbraith and Paul wallpaper!!

Next up LES INDIENNES designed by Mary Mulcahy.  Gorgeous designs that are both classic and modern!  I love her curtains and upholstered furniture.

And last but not least-- Etsy Shop Giardino
Have you seen her work? GORGEOUS!!

And there you have it.  AWESOME, GORGEOUS hand printed fabric!  Are you inspired?  I am. 

Have a beautiful day!

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