Monday, March 12, 2012

How I get all my magazine subscriptions for FREE!

I admit it.  I love getting things for FREE!!  A couple of years ago I discovered the world of coupons and was obsessed.  I checked all of the couponing blogs daily for all of the new coupon codes and best deals from all stores.  Nowdays I still coupon, but not nearly as much. 
For me, it was just so time consuming and I kept falling behind on my clipping and shopping, I felt my life revolved around the next deal.  Not to mention my coupon shopping always involved 3-4 kids at all times, unless I went shopping at 10 pm every night.  I think I just got burned out. 

However, one of my favorite savings tips I learned was how to get free magazine subscriptions.  I LOVE magazines, there is just something special about holding printed beauty in your hand. 

We are big Coke drinkers at our house--I am a HUGE Diet Coke fan -- especially with a slice of lemon.  Yum!  Well every time I purchase a Coke product I save the My Coke Rewards codes and then enter them into My Coke Rewards account.  Then I redeem my rewards on magazine subscriptions.  A regular 12 pack is usually 10 points -- and some year long magazine subscriptions -- like Better Homes and Gardens are only 133 points.  Or 13 12 packs and a 2 liter.  Here is a link to most of the magazines,  I also have a subsctiption to Country Living and Martha Stewart Living magazines. 

That may sound like a lot, but with as much Coke as we go through -- it only takes me a couple months to earn one subscription.  I also ask Coke drinkers --who don't redeem their points-- that I know to save their codes for me.  My Mom is also a Diet Coke drinker and would save stacks of Coke Rewards codes for me.  Until I finally talked her into entering them herself. 

Another favorite magazine is Disney's Family Fun magazine.    I also get this one for free by using Disney Movie Rewards.  Disney rewards usually come in the cases of Disney movies, but you can also find bonus codes all over the internet.  A magazine subscription is usually about 500 points or -- 5 movies.

Hope this helps you!

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  1. Oh. I miss American Home and Garden magazines so much, I used to subscribed all kinds of Magazines when I was in US
    Magazines are very expensive here in Australia.

    from Donwunder


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