Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Money Monitor - Spray Paint

The Monday Money Monitor, is an every other Monday feature that will focus on one particular craft item and the quest to find the best price for that item. 

This week's item is a girl's second best friend:  Spray Paint!!  How could we as DIYers survive without it!! There are several brands of quality comparable spray paint, the brands I like are Krylon, Rustoleum, and Valspar.  After visiting several stores I found that most of the big chain stores are very close in price.  The stores I visited were:  Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Michaels, and Walmart.

The numbers are in and the best price was....  Have you guessed it already?

Hobby Lobby:    Krylon  $4.99                **With last weeks 25% off Sale =   3.74
                                                            **With a 40% off Coupon (and not on sale) = $2.99 Lowes:              Valspar $3.78                Rustoleum $4.77
Home Depot:     Rustoleum $3.77
Michaels:          Rustoleum & Krylon      **With last weeks' sale $3.99
Wal-Mart:          Krylon  $3.47

Hobby Lobby had the best price with a coupon, so make sure to print a 40% off coupon before you go!

The Best Regular Price for spray paint is at Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart also had the best selection of colors too. I am not a big fan of Wally World but with as much as spray paint I go through, I will have to visit more often. 
Of course the difference is a matter of change, but change can always add up!!

Where do you prefer to buy spray paint?
Do you prefer one brand of spray paint over the others?

Do you have any products that you want to see a Money Monitor on?
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! 


DISCLAIMER:  These are the prices from my local stores, depending on where you live your prices may be slightly different.

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