Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hobby Lobby Shopping 4/29-5/5

Okay, so this is my favorite week to shop at Hobby Lobby and it only comes every 4th week.  You can see the Hobby Lobby ad here.

The weekly 40% off any one item coupon is also here.

Now for the good stuff... why is it my favorite week?  Because so many of my favorite products are on sale!!
  1. All Krylon Spray Paint is 30% off -- so a regular can of spray paint that is $4.99  knocked down to the great price of $3.49!   --- this is actually .02 more than my local Wal-Mart, however I love Hobby Lobby's Color Selection!  Plus other choices like Magnetic Paint is close to $7.50 after the discount...
  2. Jewelry Making Supplies -- Traditions, Explorer Brand Supplies are on sale like the ones I used here and here.  Also Bead Stringing, and acrylic/plastic beads (my 2 year old's favorite.)
  3.  Scrapbooking -- Single Sheet Paper, Chipboard & Chip Decor...
  4. TONS of Home Accents--just about everything is 50% off this week: knobs, glass ....
Also my store had piles and piles of new clearance items. 

Happy shopping.  Let us know what you find!!

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  1. Thanks for posting about this. I had no idea that hobby lobby even carried spray paint, let alone fabulous color choices. I love Hobby Lobby, but I must admit I usually go to Home Depot to get my spray paint on. I think that I will make a special trip to the wonderful HL!
    Have a happy weekend!


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