Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Settee

I recently reupholstered a small settee/couch for my small sitting room.  I found her at a local thrift store.  She had sat so long in the garage that my husband began threatening to take her back.  So I finally gathered my courage and set to work. 

 Here is the before...

The back cushions were shredded--probably by a pet?  I had to replace the back foam because of holes and stains.
I whitewashed the legs and wood trim. I am happy with the result. 
It was a great learning experience and hopefully my upholstery skills will keep improving!
Maybe I will take a class...
The pillows I whipped up to add a little drama, they are 26x26 pillows.  I found the fabric (both the upholstery and pillows) on the remnant table at Hancock Fabrics.  One of my favorite places to look for scrap fabric.
Without the pillows....
Thanks for visiting!  I will have some new posts soon.  My camera and computer are finally working again!!


  1. Love it! I've always thought it would be "fun" to do that but have never got up the courage! The end result is amazing.
    Excited to see some new posts! Hoping you have a tutorial on how you make your beautiful frames!!

  2. That is beautiful. It turned out so elegant, yet still contemporary. Love it!


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