Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bookcase Beauty

She started out plain and boring.  A heavy wood bookcase without personality and now she is painted and pretty.    Here is her embarassing before picture, poor girl.

With scratches and dents, she was in a sad state.  Her one benefit was that she was solid wood inside and out and that she was $15 from my local thrift store. 

I started first by sanding out the major dings and dents with my trusty orbital sander. 

Next she was primed and painted... with help (or not) from my 2 year old.

My husband attached new feet to give her a more finished look.   

Next I stenciled the back piece using a Martha Stewart Stencil from Michaels.  
I learned one lesson -- start on one side and move to the other side.  Do not go around the edges and try to meet in the middle or else you will make the same mistake that I did.  Good thing the worst part is in a place where no one will notice. 

Now for the distressing, I took a razor blade and started scraping the paint off the edges, and then glazed her. 

Next she was sealed with 3 coats of Polycrylic in a semi-gloss.  And here she is again!

I love her feet!

Here is how she looks in my house. I wish I knew how to stage...

And most importantly shelves and books within 2 year old reach!

 What do you think?  My paint color is Martha Stewart Living Paint in Popcorn (at $5 a quart), and glazed using Martha Stewart Black Coffee Glaze.

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  1. I love it! Great transformation.


  2. Fabulous!!...you did a great job...I want one!!...Mariaelena

  3. ooh i love that backing! so awesome! and the shape is so cute! :)

  4. I love it can you come to my house and give me some inspiration?

  5. OH I love how you stenciled the back! I have been wanting to stencil some projects around here. Pinning this for inspiration. Glad to find you via French Country Cottage link up!

  6. Love it. Where did you get the feet that you added?

    1. I bought the feet at Lowes. I have also seen them at Home Depot. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Very sweet! And the feet and stenciling are a great touch! Thanks for sharing!


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