Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boys Camoflauge Birthday Part 2

I promised the follow up on our birthday party, so here it is, you can read about part 1 here:

The most important part of a kids birthday party is the activities.  And the biggest activity challenge was keeping the kids inside and busy on a winter weather day!

  • We played a dress up relay game where I took a large basket and filled it with my husband's hunting clothes and put it at one end of the room.  At the other end we lined up the kids into 2 groups.  One person from each team had to run to the basket and put 3 items of clothing on completely, and then run to the back of the line and sit down before the next team member could go.  The first team with all of their members dressed and sitting won.  The clothing ranged from pants and jackets to hats and gloves.  Some things were easier than others to put on.  We had lots of laughs!!

  • Another fun game was the hunting box.  We filled a tote full of dried beans and the kids had to find certain mountain wildlife.  Most of the toys we used were from the dollar store.  Snakes, frogs, and other animals.  Now that the party is over I will use it for an ISpy Letter box to help my kids work on their letters and numbers.  Please ignore the ripped label...oops.
  • Next we lined the kids up and took turns shooting a Nerf gun at a paper bullseye.  This was fun too!
  •  We also had the kids draw a picture of the mountains or their favorite animal.  -- in order to get all of the kids to do this (use more time) we gave them a camoflauge notepad and pencil when they were finished.
  • My little sister also did camoflauge face painting.   They girls could have pink and red and the boys were the typical brown and green.   
  • Another game that we wanted to play was a veggie fear factor (I found this on an unkown blog--thank you!). Where each kid had to try a veggie they have never eaten before.  And when they were finished they earned a Smore on a Stick--a chocolate dipped marshmellow rolled in graham cracker crumbs--YUM!!!
  • And finally we ate cupcakes and icecream, opened presents and sent them all home.  Whew!
This ended up being a great party that the kids are still talking about. And the parents are too.  Only one warning I bought the facepaint at a party store and one parent had trouble getting it off of his daughter's face, and told me that the rest of the day he kept asking her if she felt okay, because her skin was tinted green.  ;)

I love being a parent!


  1. What a great party, full of awesome and easy to pull together activities!
    I just might have to 'borrow' a couple. Living in Northern Ontario Canada, camo is a staple!

  2. Awesome. I wish we could have come.


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