Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift store find turned Bridal Shower Gift

Yes, this is another chalkboard to add to the world of blogger chalkboards, but hey, isn't it true "There's always room for one more?"  My in-laws were putting together a gift for my nephew's fiance.   Since we are a fairly large group we generally put our money together for a larger gift.  This time we made of gift basket of with a cookbook(Pioneer Woman's latest of course), mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, mixing spoons, hot pads, dish towels and a Menu Chalkboard. Below is how I made the chalkboard.

I found this picture at my local thriftstore.  It was faded and some of the trim was coming apart. But otherwise was in good shape.

So I just glued it back in place using gorilla glue

Spray painted the frame-- back and front 2 coats.  When the paint was dry, I taped off the frame and rolled on chalkboard paint

Mix 2/3 glaze, and 1/3 Raw Umber Acrylic Paint

Brush glaze mix to frame.

Wipe off excess leaving glaze in the creases.

The glaze makes all of the details POP!

I painted the word menu onto the chalkboard. You also could just use vinyl.  Then I stapled a ribbon to the back of the frame and tied a piece of chalk to the front, and took a quick shot before taking in into the party--Oops, I left my  ISO too high and it made my picture over exposed.  Ugh!

And here it is at the gift table.  The only other picture I have of it-- from the background of a group photo.

Note to self... procastination is not good for blogging, and two always check your shots before giving it away.

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  1. I love it - the one-of-a-kind aspect, the thriftyness, and it's just beautiful!
    First time visitor,

    1. Thanks for the visit and your kind comments!

  2. Wow you have such an eye for things. That turned out awesome!


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