Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Couch

Okay, so I have a confession to make...  I am totally and completely an impulse buyer.  I am one of those people who sees a SALE sign and my heart starts pumping a little faster.  I have gotten smarter about how much I spend, when I am tempted to buy something, but I still have a bad habit of seeing a great deal and buying because it is a great deal..does that make sense?  Well, I started thrift shopping again last year.  I used to thrift shop all the time when I was in college, but stopped when I married my husband.  Too busy with work and school and everything else. 

And so years later,  I have started again.  Mostly after being inspired by the many creative women in the blogworld.  It is so fun!  It is so exciting!  It's like a treasure hunt, and my blood starts pumping every time I walk inside a thrift store and find something that can be transformed into something amazing!

And now after too many visits and a garage filled with potentials, my husband is tired of the mess in his garage and I can't blame him.  But of course yesterday, I couldn't resist a quick drop in to my favorite thrift store...and look what I found!

The good...Her bones!

The bad...the fabric is in shreds!

The good...the legs!

Okay, be kind, I know she needs a lot of work.  But I can imagine her looking gorgeous, and all reupholstered.  Now if you are like my husband you are shaking your head with disgust and pity for a crazy woman who just can't control herself.  But if you are like me, she has potential right?  And the sticker price, honey, was only $35.  I am hoping to move her straight to the top of the project list instead of at the bottom at 999.
I am so lucky to be married to such a patient man!  Love you honey!



  1. Lol, I know how you feel. My DH always has the same head shake when bring home my thrift store finds... :)


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