Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrift store love

I went to my local thrift store and always browse the collectibles section.  My finds are usually hit or miss.  
Most days everything is overpriced like these old ammunition boxes.  That particular day I glanced at them and they were priced at $10 a piece.  No way!!  I was about to walk away when the employee told me that his manager had said that the first person to make an offer tomorrow could have them all at any price.

I was skeptical, really what price were they going to accept... Well, the next morning I was one of the first people to walk through the door at 10 AM and went straight back to that same employee.  He found his manager and they gave me all 5 boxes for the price of ......  $10!!  Hooray!  Embarassing now, but I actually clapped and hopped a couple of times in my excitement.  I think they are awesome!!

Now to decide how to use them.  I will probably just clean them up, sand the rough spots and seal them with Wipe On Poly.  My thoughts were to use them for Magazine Holders, or as a gift baskets for a couple of family members who love antiques. 

Any ideas for me!?  I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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  1. Finally I thought of an Idea, Make them into a mudroom...


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