Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not all plans, go as planned

I was determined when I started this blog that I would have a new project posted at least once or more a week and here it is more than a week later and nothing.  Not that I haven't been busy.  Last week I made three Halloween costumes and worked on two buffets. 

Two buffets that are still not finished!!  Ahhhhhh!

One is this baby, I bought her from a thrift store and she had been horribly mistreated...

 nuff said...

 After debating forever what to do I decided to try some milk paint on her, it was not a good experience and here is how she looked, not bad, but not my favorite.  My husband's friend came to our house and saw it in the garage and said, "Man they really messed up on that paint job."  Not knowing I had painted it this way on purpose.  My husband was kind enough to let him know that I had painted it.  Poor guy.   But he was right, it had been bugging me for weeks.  The green was two minty and the finish just looked dirty and the chipped paint was not in the right places. 

So as any DIYer will do I decided to sand her down and start over... She is all painted and tomorrow she will be waxed and have new knobs.  Tomorrow I will reveal her in all her glory! 

Next up is my curvy buffet!  Who really looks lovely painted.  Just one problem, the grooves on the doors, can you see them?

Here is a close up!  I wanted these grooves filled and flush.  After trying many products, I am just now ready to start painting!  I hope I will have this reveal soon too!!

So you see I have been busy, just no finished products...yet!  But hopefully soon!! 

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