Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Starter Table and Chairs

This is a picture of our first table at our last house.  Sorry for the bad picture...
We bought this table when we were first married and put the chairs together ourselves.  The wood is actually that yellow color, which matched my yellow and red kitchen perfectly.  When we moved to our latest house I wanted to give this table a much needed update...
This is what it looks like now... 

Now on to the How to:  First I primed and painted the table base.
Next I sanded the table top down to bare wood. 
Third I stained the top with Minwax Provincial Stain.

Then I gave the top 6 coats of Tung Oil.  You can read the full how to use Tung Oil here...
Just a word of advice when I asked the Home Depot paint clerk if he knew of a finishing product called Tung Oil he told me the only product they had for a finish was Polyurethane.  I bought the Tung Oil anyway, and I loved it!!  It is so forgiving and is gives the surface a gorgeous hand rubbed finish!

Then I distressed the edges, and glazed the base, followed by several coats of Beeswax.

I will give the how to for the chairs in another post, in the meantime, here are more pics...

Thanks for viewing!

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