Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Starter Chairs - a how to...

These chairs took a lot more time and effort than they should have.  I started by first by priming and painting the chairs blue, then realized that if I wanted to two tone the seats I would have to remove them.  This turned out to be the worst part of the whole project.  It took all of these tools to remove them.  What?!!

And this is the reason why I removed them, I wanted to make sure everything got a coat of paint.
Uggggly....  and then my indecisiveness decided to play a game of musical chairs... Ha Ha!

I sanded all of the seats and then stained.  Yuck!!  I hated the way the blue and stain looked together

Enters...my lovely can of primer...  have I mentioned how I love Rustoleums primer!  It works great and goes on smoothly...

Now for the plain white seat...Nice but a little boring....

So instead I went for a Miss Mustard Seed inspired look...

No Silhoutte here these are my homemade stickers...

I thought frog tape wasn't supposed to bleed...

All fixed and so much better...  I distressed and glazed...and these are my results...

Thanks for looking!!  Happy Trails, and musical chairs! 

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  1. Very cute! I just refinished a pair of grain sack chairs a few weeks ago. LOVE the look of yours! Great job!

    Dana @ craftedniche.wordpress.com

    ** Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed **

  2. Soooo cute with the numbers and stripes!! :) Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime!! :)

  3. I LOVE THESE!!!!

    Pinning this


  4. What a clever idea. Your chairs look very cute now. Thank you for showing us how they turned out. God bless x

  5. Thanks for visiting! It was a fun project! If only I can make up my mind a little quicker next time!


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