Monday, October 24, 2011

Hobby Lobby valid to 10/29

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My Favorite Deals:
Home Decor 50% off all:
  • all things metal
  • all things wood
  • Decorative Vegetable & Fruit Filled Bottles
  • All Wicker, Decorative Boxes & Storage
  • Knobs, Drawer Pulls & Handles
  • Candle Holders
 Holiday items Fall & Christmas only 40% off
Floral 50% off all
  • Ribbon & Trims by the roll
  • All Items Labeled His & Hers (Wedding Sale)
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Garland, Swags, Wreaths & Teardrops
Crafting 30% off
  • Pre-cut stained glass
  • unfinished craft wood
  • Crayola products
  • Krylon Spray Paint
  • 50% off Stickers by Paper Studio
  • 50% off Scrabook Papers--Packs, Pads & Single Sheets
  • 50% off Scrapbook Ribbon & Fibers
  • 40% off Rubber Stamps and Sets
  • 40% off Punches & Punch Sets
Fashion Fabric
  • 50% off Ribbon, Trim, Tulle Spools
  • 50 % off Halloween Fabric
  • 25% off Felt & Flannel
  • 30% off Fleece
Jewelry Making 50% off
  • Plastic & Acrylic Beads & Gems
  • Czech Glass Beads
  • Findings by The Jewelry Shoppe
  • Plastic & Acrylic Bead & Gem Tubs
  • Traditions
  • Explorer by Traditions
Happy Shopping!  I love the hob lob, do you?  Quick question is this too in depth?

Michaels 10/23-10/28

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This weeks coupons are: 
My favorite deals this week:
  • Jewelry
    • 50% off Bead Gallery Strung Beads
    • 50% off Bead Landing Lampwork Glass Beads
    • 40% other jewelry items
  • Fall and Halloween
    • 50% to 60% off
  • T-Shirts 2 for $5
  • $.77 each Americana Acrylic Paint
  • 4 for $5 Modeling Clay
  • Foam Board Buy One Get One Free!
  • Spool O' Ribbon 3 for $1
  • 40% off various Scrapbooking
  • Art Supplies Buy One Get One for One Penny!
  • 40% off most frames + use the 25% off coupon for greater savings
Okay so I need some help!  Are there specific types of items that you would prefer to see the weekly deals on? 

Comment and let me know!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Home for the Big Screen

My husband has wanted a big screen tv since the day we were married (only 12 years ago).  We have passed on it and put it off for more pressing expenses.  When Costco had a killer deal on one early this spring my husband quickly went to buy one. Only to find that they were completely sold out!  He got a raincheck and called weekly to see if they had any more in.  I thought our bank account was safe until more than a month later we got a call saying that they had just enough tvs in, for the customers who had rainchecks.  Shucks...   He picked it up and we immediately needed a new entertainment center, unless we were going to keep it on the coffee table.  :)

Searching the classifieds and blogs for ideas I stumbled upon this dresser...  and yes, this is the picture from the ad, sorry. She was just what I wanted and perfect for paint!

I have seen so many dresser turned entertainment centers in the blogosphere and internet and wanted to create my own.   This one is from Sausha's Show & Tell Blog.

I also liked the dividers in between the tv equipment in this Pottery Barn Entertainment Center...

I don't have pictures of the entire process since this is before I started blogging, but I will try to explain the process.  The day our dresser came home I started sanding the top, because I wanted to stain it.  I learned my first valuable lesson here.  I used a 80 grit sandpaper to try to get the shiny finish off and went too deep on one spot and revealed particle board, ugh... Since there is no truly stainable wood filler we ended up leaving that spot and just putting stain on the entire top.  You can't tell unless you look closely at it.  I also stack books on top ;) We then applied several coats of Tung Oil, over the course of several days.

We taped off the top removed all of the drawers and started to paint.  First with a coat of spray on primer, next came the open shelf inside the dresser.

When we removed the backing from the rear of the dresser and noticed that there were thin wooden pieces that went from top to bottom.  My husband trimmed these down with a jigsaw so that we could insert our shelf. 

You can see the back of the dresser and cut pieces here.

 He then measured the inside and cut a wood sheet to fit inside.

He also cut three small pieces of trim to line the front of the shelf.

We installed the shelf inside the dresser with nails and then painted the back so that it would be the same as the rest of the Entertainment Center nailed on the trim, filled holes and painted using 4-5 cans of Rustoleums Antique White Spray Paint. And finally installed the new hardware I found on eBay!

Here is the result!

We love it!  And it is amazing how quickly you can finish a project when your husband is really motivated! 

Thanks for visiting!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She's so high class!

I found her at a yard sale well over a year ago and have been putting off her transformation until I had the guts go forward.  I have never reupholstered before and I had to research the process right?... (for a year and a half? says my DH)  My husband moved this chair to 3 different houses in the last year and this last time he was ready to drop them off at a thrift store!  No!!!!  
So now I am finally giving this chair love and attention that she needs.  She was in perfect condition aside from the dated mauve velvet...  on for her new look....

Just a warning that this is my first upholstery project, and while she is not perfect I think we'll keep her. 
First I removed the black cover fabric, and then removed the seat... then removed the million staples.

Next I removed the staples and fabric from the back of the seat and removed the old cushions and fabric. Then I spray painted the frame using Rustoleum's Satin Nickel Metallic Paint.

 Next I replaced the cushion and cut out the same shape using new foam.  No diamond tufting for me...Hey! this is my first upholstery job, cut me some slack!! :)

Then I stapled that fabric and then the foam to the back of the frame

Followed by stapling around the frame and trimming the fabric.

Next I took my trusty nailheads and started tacking them into the frame. 

I found these on ebay and they were so cheap!!  1000 nailheads for around $18 after shipping.  I am still planning the many projects ahead.  The only interesting part was the packaging.  The Hefty OneZip is the packaging I received them in... But I'm not complaining they have been a great investment!

In some places the nailheads couldn't reach the back of the frame, I later glued these in using my gluegun.  

Finally, Sorry in my bad blogger style I forgot to take pictures of the new seat cover and applied piping for the edge.

And here she is all finished...Beware... lots of pics...

And here she attempt at staging...

All done and many more projects to go!  Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upcoming Projects

I have some upcoming furniture pieces, I can't wait to start sharing with you!!

First up:

I actually picked two of these up at a yard sale last year for $10 a piece.  They are in great condition, I am just not into the the mauve velvet...or the brown spotted wood treatment.  I love the caning and legs!

This is a dresser I picked up on Craigslist, and paid too much for...about $100.  It will be the new home for our (did I really say our?) big screen tv...
This is a table and benches that our friends gave us.  It is an older picnic style table and benches that I painted several years ago... not knowing what I was doing.  The paint finish is in really bad condition peeling and scratched and not in a good way... 

My green couches, I am desperate for a new look and slipcovers for these.

My antique buffet who was badly treated and needs a new life!!

This is an old hutch that I bought from KSL classifieds (like Craigslist).  I love the apothecary style drawers!

 This is a bookcase I bought from a thrift store.  It is solid wood and will be gorgeous painted, maybe some feet?  Did I mention every piece of furniture needs feets (um I meant feet)?

A buffet found at a thrift store.  It is solid and was in pretty good condition!!  I can't wait to see all her curves highlighted in paint!

A nice tv hutch that will soon be the new home of my computer and printer.

I found these chairs at another thrift store.  They are in great shape and just need to be cleaned.  I haven't decided what I am going to do with them yet...

So lots to look forward too, now if I could just take a decent picture. 

Thanks for visiting, and have an awesome day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coupons and Deals

I love to be creative and to save money while doing it!! I love to search through the ads of my favorite craft stores, not only for purely selfish reasons, but also to help my friends and family to be able to quickly find coupons and deals for their favorite stores.  Are there other stores that you would like to see weekly deals and coupons for?

Love helping you and myself!

Save and Shop!!